Custom PCs

Get Exactly What You Need

With Cyber Leviathan PCs, you get exactly what you need.

From the amount of storage, memory, or raw computing power, let our expertise be your guide into getting the components that will create the PC that is truly best for you at the price that's best for you.

Quality Components

Our custom PCs are built with only quality parts.

By using quality components from trusted sources, you can be certain that your PC will have the performance and longevity that you require.

Tested & Ready

All Cyber Leviathan custom PCs are fully tested and ready to go.

There is never any need to worry about whether or not your PC will function properly once you get it. All of our PCs are individually tested before you receive them. Just turn yours on and it's ready to go.

Your PC. Your Style.

Get the style that suits you.

Whether you're a business owner, hardcore gamer, or simply someone who wants a powerful PC at an unbeatable price, we can build a PC to fit your style. From sleek and discreet to futuristic with loads of RGB lighting, Cyber Leviathan can build the perfect looking PC for you.

Ready to talk about your ideal PC? Let's see what Cyber Leviathan can build for you!

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